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    Hello nomadic beauties!  

        I am Abby Bullock, the owner and visionary of Wanderlust By Abby.  Through my love of fashion, people, curiosity and travel, I conceptualized and created Wanderlust to bring unique stylized clothing directly to my clients in a different manner than a traditional boutique.  As an exceptional customer service company, I want to bind my inner fashionista and bohemian eccentricity by wandering directly to my clients homes, offices, or special events. Wanderlust allows me to achieve this through its Pop-up Shops, Wanderlust To You (a personal shopping experience of our merchandise) and our one-of-a-kind fashion consulting.  I felt with these unique services my vision could be carried directly to the community in a way the typical boutique would not.

         Accessories are a way of life for me, I feel if you have a variety of accessories you can transform any outfit.  You can turn one outfit into three with just a scarf, layering necklaces, or adding a vest! Voila, Wanderlust has every accessory you need.   I don’t feel like you have to have an endless celebrity budget to stay in style. Wanderlust operates on the rule to provide on-trend fashion at a savvy price.  This allows my customers to purchase a multitude of interchangeable looks for the price of one pair of designer jeans, Snap! 

         My best trait is the desire to be unique personally. I stylize fashion for my clients with the same unique spin in Wanderlust merchandise.  I appreciate women who like to be different and lead their own way in any facet of life.  Through this motto my merchandise channels these women, my clients, with individuality and personally in every garment available for purchase.  Wanderlust brings a selection for all to gather in comfort, celebrate friendships, while browsing a menagerie of wearable splendor. 

    “Not all who wander are lost” –Tolkien


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